I'm Estela, a Graphic Designer currently living and working in Chicago for Whirlpool. I work with a global multidisciplinary team of User Experience, Industrial, and Color Finish Material designers to craft brand strategies and beautiful appliances that fit different lifestyles around the globe.

I believe in design's ability to change the world by utilizing empathy and knowledge. My ultimate goal is to be able to help solve wicked problems by exploring different perspectives and developing smart and meaningful solutions.

A sample portfolio is below. Please send me a message for a full overview and additional work.



Graphic Designer and Brand Strategist
Querétaro City, México

Castez Ermili is a bespoke shoemaker. Learning his craft by hand, he wanted to elevate his brand to reflect his individuality and skill. I'm currently helping him evolve his previous traditional branding into something more modern and adaptable. This project involves conducting user research, branding, and package design, and will result in a carefully constructed Brand Experience.

Castez Ermili


Board of Directors Exhibit

Lead Graphic Designer
Benton Harbor, Michigan // Chicago, Illinois

Each year the studio showcases its vision for the appliance industry. In 2018, I was responsible for creating graphics that coexisted in the space with appliances and informed attendees about the products on display. The visuals were intended to be part of exhibit, and made each of the vignettes more approachable.

Due to the nature of the projects, I cannot show all the content. Contact me if you wish to see the full exhibit.


MaxArt Microwave

Senior Graphic Designer
Monterrey, México

Each year, Whirlpool Mexico organizes a training for the trade partners where at the end they get a thank you gift. In 2013, we had to turn a microwave into an iconic gift by making it an art piece. My contribution was the press kit and book that we gave each microwave owner.


Acros Logo Redesign

Senior Graphic Designer
Monterrey, México

Acros is a Mexican well known & traditional brand considered as a milestone in the transition of the Mexican society into modernity during the post-revolutionary mid century decades.

In 2011 the brand’s strength based on history and Mexican tradition, became a weakness when it started to face global influences in the country and competitors. The studio started a series of initiatives that included the definition of Brand Values to guide the Visual Brand Language for Product Design, CMF and Graphic Design work.

Taking inspiration from the character of the italicized logos guided by the Brand Values, I worked on modernizing the logo, making it look robust but lovable.


Whirlpool Botanical Interiors

Lead Graphic Designer
Benton Harbor, Michigan

Challenging the status quo and the machine aesthetic that dominates the refrigeration industry,  we aimed for a more human look that would set us apart from the competition and connect us with consumers.


Design Philosophy

Software enhances our capabilities by helping us performing the time-consuming tasks that do not require a level of understanding. An example: Figma facilitates prototyping, but the designer decides the flow of information and aesthetics based on the insights she drew from research. What would happen when Google or Alexa design better than us?

I gave a talk to Architecture students about the importance of not just mastering hard skills, but also to spend time developing soft skills. Posing this question to the students, I went through five examples where I used soft skills more than design skills at work.

You can see the deck below.



Languages Spoken



Bachelors in Graphic Design (BA), 2007
Masters in Business Innovation (MBI), 2013
Centro de Estudios Superiores de Diseño de Monterrey

Work History

Lead Graphic Designer, Whirlpool, Chicago USA, 2017 – Present

Senior Graphic Designer, Whirlpool, Michigan USA, 2014 – 2017

Senior Graphic & CFM Designer, Whirlpool, Monterrey Mexico, 2011 – 2014

Graphic & Brand Designer, Garcomex, Monterrey Mexico, 2009 – 2011

Instructor of Design Principles, Packaging Design, & History of Graphic Design, LaSalle College, Monterrey Mexico, 2009 – 2010