Moving away from stereotypes:
Whirlpool Hispanic and Latino Network


The Whirlpool Hispanic and Latino network includes 20 Spanish speaking countries and Brazil.

Their old logos may look like a good representation for a Hispanic group: exotic, colorful, ethnic.
In reality, they promote clichés and stereotypes.

I started to be more aware of how designers can perpetuate these stereotypes after reading The Politics of Design, by Ruben Pater.

I decided to do something about it


The use of ethnic stereotypes prevents the public from seeing representations of minorities treated with the same respect as those of the dominant cultures.

- Ruben Pater


The challenge was to find something that represented all of the countries and respecting as the group’s choice to use the sun as the element that unites them.

I looked at other things that our cultures had in common besides the sun, and at how we were seen by others.


Weaves, crafts, textiles and food overlap in all of our countries. We are intertwined by history and culture.